10 Easy Steps to Tax Preparation

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When you get ready to file your tax return in April, do you have all of the paperwork you need to make things easier? In addition to your W-2 form from your employer for income tax purposes, there are also many types of receipts you will want to save and give to your tax preparer when the time comes. Many of these receipts are used to provide you with proof for reductions or tax credits. This list includes work related receipts for expenses, charitable donations or purchases of energy efficient goods.

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The Must-See 2015 Ford Mustang

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Ford’s Mustang series has been a mainstay in the American automotive scene since being introduced in 1964. Now, exactly 50 years later, Ford has unveiled perhaps the greatest car in the Mustang line yet: the 2015 Mustang. This Mustang retains the trademarks that have made Mustang one of the most beloved muscle cars in the world, like a sleek design and smooth ride, while incorporating several modern additions:

The Look: Sleek and Updated

One of the most noticeable differences of the 2015 Mustang from its predecessors are the narrowed headlights, tilted downward so they slightly resemble an angry brow. Meanwhile, the refined hood vents appear like flared nostrils. These design choices are sleekly effective, reflective of the vehicle’s no-nonsense power and drive. The new Mustang also features additional hood vents and newly designed side windows, which are smoother in appearance. A new rear window is also apparent, as is a more spacious chassis and a slightly smaller, lighter body.

While much of its interior remains the same, apart from larger and more simplified gauges, the exterior differences on the 2015 Mustang are attention-grabbing.

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Keys to Selecting Authoritative Investment Banking Books

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investment banking book

A person interested in issues associated with investment banking trends and issues needs to be able to select and access the most authoritative investment banking books available on the market today. Towards the objective of identifying suitable investment banking books, a number of factors must be borne in mind to ensure that most appropriate text selections.

The History and Experience of the Author

A fundamental factor that must come into play when selecting books on investment banking is the history and experience of the author (or authors). As a general rule, the authors of these types of texts come from two different backgrounds. First, there are authors of investment banking books that work or have worked directly in the investment banking arena. Second, a good percentage of these books are written by academics, men and women who do not necessarily have day to day experience in the field of investment banking.

Overall, a book written by a person who works or has worked in the field of investment banking can provide a reader with more practical information. On the other hand, academics tend to provide a reader with a more theoretical perspective.

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Top 7 College Locker Rooms

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Think your school can make the cut?

Here are the top 7 most impressive college locker rooms in the nation brought to us and compiled by SchoolLockers.com. Each one is equiped with expansive weight rooms, conference rooms, and training facilities.

There are pools and hot tubs, lounge areas, televisions, medical and recovery facilities, etc. Some of them have foosball tables, ping pong tables, and arcades.

Everything to make your college athletic career and experience the best in can be. If you ever get the chance, we strongly suggest you going and checking them out! Until then, School Lockers did a tour of each 7 on their blog and have provided the following infographic:

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Greatest College Football Teams & Programs

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College football is something of an oligarchy. Take a look at the Top 25 every year and the same powerhouses are generally battling for supremacy.

Which teams have had the greatest historical success, though? The following infographic looks at this question three ways:

-Points, based on the team's rank in the Top 25, with the No. 1 team getting 25 points, the No. 2 team getting 24 points and so on, down to the No. 25 team receiving one point. Under this system, the top five college football programs historically are: University of Oklahoma with 953 points; Michigan with 943 points; Ohio State with 927 points; Alabama with 923 points; and Notre Dame with 918 points.

-Total wins. The five winningest college football programs all-time are: Michigan with 903 wins; Texas with 867 wins; Notre Dame with 865 wins; and Nebraska and Ohio State with 856 wins each.

-Longevity. Surprisingly, the college football program with the greatest longevity is one that goes in and out of the Top 25 depending on the year. Nevertheless, Rutgers has had a college football team 143 years. Not everything in college football is oligarchical.

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